How Do You Want to be Represented?

Elaine Welcomes Buyers

or Lock-Box

As a Seller you get to decide how your property is represented to Buyers. A Knowledgeable Agent welcomes Buyers, answers any questions and provides detailed information about the property and neighborhood. The Agent will accommodate the Buyer schedule to make access easy and convenient.

Unfortunately, many agents take the easy way out and put a Lock-box on the property. Yes, this is convenient but for whom? This is an impersonal way to give access to a property. The Seller must rely on the Buyers Agent to sell their property. This seems like the wrong approach to selling.

If you hire Elaine to be your Agent she pledges to greet potential Buyers at the property. She will personally review all of the selling features and answer all of their questions. Elaine will formulate an understanding of what the Buyer is searching for and sell them on how your property is the best suited for their needs. She will also be able to provide the Seller with immediate Buyer Feedback.

So which type of representation would you choose: Knowledgeable Agent or Lock-box?


Award Season

2016 Sales Volume Award

Elaine Tatum was honored to be among the top recipients to receive a 2016 sales volume award from EWM Realty International, the #1 Luxury Sales Broker in South Florida. She said, “It is a pleasure working with a group of professionals that inspire me everyday.”

Elaine thanks all of her fabulous customers and the Academy for their confidence, referrals and trust in her abilities. It was an amazing year. Onward 2017!